Helping international students adjust

Remember your first day of college? Going to that big place, where everyone is rushing around, with their faces buried in books and computers seemed somewhat intimidating, didn’t it?

And what about those ice breaker when you had to stand up, say your name and one interesting thing about you? Many would rather skip that and go straight to when the instructor starts teaching.

When you connected to someone everything started to get easier. You probably felt confident enough to talk to other people and explore more of the college environment.

Imagine doing that in another language, in a different country, by yourself. Tough.

When people go to college they are most excited about meeting new people. High school is over and those kids you went to school with your entire life won’t be there anymore. You’re out of your comfort zone.

International students feel the same. They want to meet new people, especially Canadians. They want to learn about Canadian culture from those who really live it.

“It’s one thing when I hear a Brazillian talk about Canadian culture and it’s another thing when a Canadian teaches me about it,” said Elaine Ferreira, a 38-year-old international student from Brazil.

No one knows better about Canadian culture than those who were born here, who live it day by day.

To be successful here, international students need to learn about the Canadian culture. There are many rules that they have no knowledge whatsoever until they arrive and start to live here.


It’s also not easy for local students to approach internationals. There aer so many different cultures.

Here’s some students showing how Canadians have helped them adjust to their new life here in Winnipeg.




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