What to expect from Winnipeg, when you’re expecting

Today, eight international students will tell you what an international student should expect when moving to Canada.

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Research is key when moving to another place. We don’t always remember, but each place is different culturally. Winnipeg is different than Toronto, Toronto is different than Vancouver, and Vancouver is different than Calgary.

When you’re about to move to another house, don’t you look and look until you find the one you step in and feel like home? Moving to another city, let alone another country, you should feel the same way. You should know what to expect.

Yes, there are mosquitos in Winnipeg. Yes, we spend several months under -40 weather. Yes, there’s a lot of snow, and then a lot of melted snow. But the sky is the bluest of all, the roads are filled with trees, and the sun is always, always shining.

Why focus on the bad things if you can focus on the good?

In addition to that, a Canadian student, who’s friends are mostly international students, tells you how they are welcoming newcomers.









3 thoughts on “What to expect from Winnipeg, when you’re expecting

  1. Hi I am Mizan from Bangladesh.I am textile engineer and have 7 years experience.My age is 30..So is it possible for me to migrate Winnipeg with my skills and experience..please give me suggestions..


    1. Hi Mizan,

      I’m sorry for the late reply, I Chose Winnipeg was in a bit of vacations!
      I believe you are able to immigrate with your skills. Please access cic.gc.ca to find more information on immigration. As far as I know you are eligible to come to Canada in an exploratory visit and then apply for permanent residency, but go on the website I sent you to get accurate information.
      Thanks for your support.
      I Chose Winnipeg.


  2. Dear all,
    I am a medical student in Afghanistan , and this is my last year .it will be finished . and when I got my license then , I want to go other country for study high degree in my faculty . so if it ‘s possible plez help me in this issue ,that I got schlarship in Canada .


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