International students pursuing a post-secondary education don’t want to get out of school to work in low-wage jobs. They come to Canada looking for a better life in the future. Most of them are here because they have better chances than in their home countries.

I Chose Winnipeg is a project aimed to show Canadians why International students are immigrating to Winnipeg, show the benefits of having immigrants in Winnipeg, and help them deal with cultural differences.

This project shows Canadians that having this large number of students is not a bad thing. It doesn’t mean they are going to steal jobs away from Canadians or that they will be a burden to the country.

There will be more people willing to invest and spend money in Canada, helping the country grow. There’ll be more taxpayers, more small businesses and more jobs.

The fact that immigrants are coming to Winnipeg is recent, and it may be difficult for young people to understand why immigrants are coming here. Because of misconceptions they may have learned at an early age, they may have prejudiced views that have to end.